My Story

Born and raised in Montreal, Sharon Kelly grew up surrounded by Canadian Art in her family home. An environment that both inspired and nurtured her. She studied Art History at Queens University, focusing on both Canadian Art and The Renaissance periods.

I create semi-abstract seascape paintings using a combination of acrylics, charcoal, graphite & oil sticks. In this pursuit, I start with the writings of French Romantic poet Gerard de Nerval (1808-1855). Specifically, a poem titled L’Enfance, a depiction of the poet’s childhood. During the Romantic Period, landscape painting's primary function was to provide an escape into a natural world. The worlds I create stem from childhood memories of unconditional love, free of pain & full of wonder. I work with intuitive color selections, building up multiple layers creating paintings defined by subtle textures & hues. Textured surfaces blend areas of random mark making with areas of deliberate natural elements. The pieces evolve at a slow rate, going from vibrant palettes to softer, less invasive statements. I repeat this practice several times until I am pleased with the layers that create a haze of accumulated history.

Kelly’s work is found in private and corporate collections in both Canada and the US. She is represented by Wall Space Gallery and The Ottawa Art Gallery, Rental & Sales Gallery.